A Lifestyle Inspired by You

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from serving seniors for decades, it’s that they are all unique. Tutera Senior Living and Health Care has been assisting seniors since 1983, and time has taught us to never underestimate the power of the individual. 

Today’s senior has evolved away from the one-size-fits-all model. Savvy older adults are wanting more control over their lives and are demanding convenience and choice. That’s why the Tutera philosophy is to create a lifestyle completely customized to each individual’s needs. 

It starts by asking a lot of questions when residents first move to one of our communities. We then aim to suit each individual’s style and needs and encourage aspirations. Resident needs are at the heart of whatever we do. We call this our YOUNITE philosophy. We’re united for you – the individual – and your best interests. 


Once you move into one of our communities, we’ll ask plenty of questions to get to know you so we can make your life right for you in every way. 

Think of it as a senior needs assessment – only more personal. It’s customized with details that pertain only to you. This collection of facts, preferences and stories about your life will form both the basis of our friendship with you and your lifestyle plan. This information is then used to create a uniquely relevant experience for you, where your needs are met in a style that suits you. 

You want to eat lunch in your room instead of the dining room? Done. Would you like to invite a friend for tea and cookies in the lobby? Will that be hot tea or iced? Do you want your haircut appointment to be every other Wednesday or every single Thursday? 

Tutera communities are skilled at learning what you like and then creating a lifestyle customized to your needs. 


Learning more about your history, priorities and unmet needs helps us identify the programs, amenities and services that will best support your lifestyle. It also helps us enhance our offerings for future generations of seniors who are looking for bright futures. 

What are some of the desires we hear from residents? Seniors want to feel connected to others and experience social engagement. A survey from the National Council on Aging supports this need. The survey discovered that seniors have a real need for connectedness. More than half of seniors nationally – 53 % – indicate that being close to friends and family is important. Only 15 % felt occasional feelings of isolation. Relationships with friends and family even outweighed financial concerns for older adults. 


Over the years, each community has fine-tuned their experience with seniors to know what motivates older people, what seniors want most and what makes them happy. But that’s not enough for today’s active, astute seniors. You’ve lived your life well and have earned the right to have your demands met. That’s why Tutera Senior Living communities always go the extra mile by inspiring our team members to become friends with you and your family – to become adept at instinctively knowing you so well that when you may forget it’s time for yoga or happy hour, we remember and remind you. 


Research about happiness and aging may surprise you. According to an AARP survey, although many younger Americans have a negative perception about aging, most older Americans feel good about their lives. The national study surveyed 2,601 American adults. It reported 67% of people age 60-plus are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their lives versus 61% of people age 18-39 and 60% of those respondents age 40-59. While about half of the survey respondents age 18-39 believe it’s “normal to be depressed when you are old,” just 10% of those over age 60 feel old age is a depressing life stage. 


Maintaining good health is important to age successfully and fully enjoy the later years in life. It requires being proactive, especially for those with chronic health conditions like type 2 diabetes, vitamin D deficiency or infectious diseases. 

You’ll find every Tutera community is expertly equipped to meet the physical problems of old age while enhancing a resident’s sense of independence. Our YOUNITE philosophy promises it’s your life, and your preferences come first. We will: 

  • Empower you to direct and control your daily living
  • Encourage your continued personal growth
  • Enable your healthy-as-possible outcomes

Full-service housekeeping and maintenance, plus linen service within our senior living communities help you remain carefree and content while concierge services arrange for grocery, product and prescription delivery on your behalf. 

From fitness equipment adapted to seniors’ mobility and physical needs, to nutritious meals and relevant educational programs, we empower you to direct and control your life. 


What can you look forward to every day with the lifestyles we’ve meticulously designed? You can look forward to something uniquely different – something inspired by you. For certain there will be the same smiles and friendly conversations that everyone in our communities shares. But there will also be the opportunities for you to take off for your morning walk while your neighbor settles in to put together a puzzle. You can come back for coffee (with cream, please) and your book club while the choir strikes up in an adjoining room. You get the picture. Your lifestyle will be anything but cookie­cutter. 


You’ve read about our YOUNITE philosophy and how we are inspired by you. Did you know someone turning age 65 today has almost a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care services and support in their remaining years? There is really no time like the present to start your senior living community search. The sooner you make our community your new residence, the sooner you can begin feeling empowered and equipped to lead the life you want. 

Right now, in addition to a free assessment of your lifestyle needs, you can reap the rewards of our move-in special. So call 217-532-6191 for details today while the special lasts.